How to: Glitter Roots

Okay, so I’m seeing this trend everywhere online nowadays: Glitter Roots. Just kidding, it isn’t that trending anymore. What is it exactly? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory… You put glitter on your roots. That’s it, super simple to do and the result is really pretty! It looks especially cool on colored hair 🙂 Honestly, it’s a pretty daring look, I’d only wear it on special occasions… But I’m still pretty sure the glitter would mostly be on my clothes rather than on my roots!

glitter-roots-2Image Source/ Great to cover up hair regrowth

If you’re interested in trying it out for whatever special occasion, I have the tutorial below 🙂 It’s really quick and easy to do, the result will definitely turn heads.

DIY Glitter Roots


  • Glitter
  • Hair Gel
  • Hair Brush
  • Mixing Bol
  • Tinting Brush (or Paint Brush)


1- Start off by brushing your hair and parting it as you desire, but make sure your roots are visible (middle parting recommended) . If you want you could tie them up in double buns or in a braid.

parting-hairImage Source/ How to Part Your Hair


2- Put a decent amount of hair gel in your mixing bowl and add some glitter. The more glitter you want to appear in your hair, the more glitter you add to the hair gel.

glitter-roots-glitterImage Source: Tasha Leelyn


3- Get your tinting brush and start mixing until the glitter is completely combined with the gel. You should be getting some sort of glittery paste.

glitter-roots-mixingImage Source: Tasha Leelyn


4- Apply the mixture starting along your parting and working your way out. If you have colored hair completely cover your roots, but if you’re working on your natural hair color drag it out about 3 cm.

glitter-roots-applyingImage Source: Tasha Leelyn


5- Technically you’re done, but if you want you can add some more glitter on top or stick on some sequins while the mixture is drying. Enjoy your sparkly new look 🙂

glitter-roots-3Image Source: randomactsofpastel


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