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New York City

Hi dear readers, ūüôā

It’s me, your best friend! Today I’m very excited to talk about the chosen topic which is: New York City. In approximately 1 week, I’ll be going to this wonderful city for the first time in my life (cause I’m such an avid traveler) and I’m quite looking forward to it. I know almost everyone has been to New York at least one time in their life, but that’s just not my case. My parents were never big fans of traveling, and as I grew older I’ll admit that I preferred to focus on my studies rather than go on a little trip.

But lately, I’ve literally just been studying and doing homework. My¬†entrance exams are coming up and I just really want to make sure I’m ready for them! But, a couple weeks ago, my class was offered the opportunity to go on a few days trip to NYC. At first, I wasn’t really feeling it, but somehow my friends managed to convince me to go. So here I am departing in almost a week and I’m a bit excited and nervous at the same time. New York is a HUGE city with lots of people, so first of all my primary mission will be not getting lost in this huge crowd of locals and tourists.

Person lost in a city
Me in a week=Lost all alone


Also, like all the other places in the United States, this city speaks English… Of course, that’s not a problem for you obviously¬†you might think, well that’s kinda true. Although English is not my mother tongue, I’m a pretty decent fluent speaker. What actually worries me the most is the people I’ll be with. Some of them are also native French speakers, but they aren’t exactly fluent in English. So I usually have to play translator for these types of things, which I don’t mind. I’m just really worried about how they’ll do without¬†me if I get lost! xD

Nevermind that, just wanted to share this little thing going on with you guys. So if you have any suggestions on places or things I should visit/try out while I’m there, please do share them with me. I’m totally gonna be that random lost tourist that doesn’t know what they’re doing! Oh well, I’m still glad to participate and I hope I’ll make lots of great memories while I’m there. Also, if you’d like to see pictures from my¬†staying, I’ll probably post a bunch on my¬†Instagram¬†so make sure to go check them out! Until next time friends ūüėÄ

BTW: I’m working on a new article; light packing for small staying (essentials). It should be up sometime next week if everything goes according to plan. xoxo


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