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Things to do Before the End of High School Pt.1

High School is supposed to be the place where we have the best moments of our lives. Unfortunately, afterward comes College and the adult world, not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just not the same anymore. If you’re in your senior year than really make the most out of your remaining High School days! I know in my last days I was really sad to leave all of my friends and all of the teachers I had known for the last few years.

So I decided to make a list of things you definitely have to try out before the end of your High School years. I missed out on certain things and now that I look back I kind of regret it. But in general I think I did my senior year pretty well, there are not that many things I regret not doing. Without further ado, let’s get started!


5 Things to do Before Leaving High School

University Graduation


  1. Getting in Shape

    Senior Year especially is a very stressful period filled with assignments, exams, and graduation/prom-related things. It can easily become very stressful, at least for me it was… (especially that scary lady that kept looking for me cause I always forgot to do something important aka ordering my yearbook and getting my graduation gown). I think it’s super important in this period that you start working out and watching what you’re eating. You need an activity that helps you pipe down all that extra stress and at the same time makes you feel good. Now, you don’t need to go on an extreme workout and diet plan, simply doing a bit of sport from time to time and making sure to eat plenty of fruits & veggies is enough. It’ll make you feel energized and healthy, hopefully, it will develop into habits you’ll still use later on. During High School, I played Volleyball and I did some swimming from time to time, and during my Senior Year, I started running with my friends (which was awesome, seriously running with people is so much more encouraging than doing it alone).

Getting in Shape



2. Participating in Senior Activities

Anything organized especially for the Senior years; prom, supper, school outing, special activity and anything else seriously TRY to do it. Of course, there might be a couple things that don’t seem pleasant to do, but overall why not participate? I think what really matters in those sort of activities is the people you’re with, if you do it with some friends it’s surely going to be lit. Whatever it may be, I could’ve been camping for all I know and I probably would’ve had as much fun as if I went to —Insert Fun Place–. The reason why you ask? Well because I was with my friends, they make everything better and after all, you got to enjoy those last moments with them. Let’s say you really don’t want to go to prom, (which I totally get cause I was this close to bailing out on my prom) it’s okay, it’s your choice, your opinion and everyone else should respect that. But, that right there might be you making a mistake… Sure prom is not all that fun, it’s kinda kinky and trust me people spend way too much money on that ONE evening, but in the end that’s your high school self point of view. Once you get older, you could regret not going to that one special evening with all your friends and dressing up a bit. Seriously, prom is usually on the last day of school so once it’s over you might never see those guys ever again. I also recall running an official 10K with a couple other seniors… still don’t know how I was this motivated but I don’t regret it 😉 !

Prom Girls


3. Get Talking

Pretty sure this issue happens to everyone, you know, when there’s a bunch of people you’ve known for years but never actually spoken to… (yeah I’m guilty). I’ve been in a closed group since the beginning of High School, so all the people in my cohort… well yeah it’s been a while. Personally, because of that I kinda felt less awkward talking to those of them that I’ve never spoken to before. I’m not asking you guys to go meet up with everyone and become buddy buddy, but it would be nice if you’d try to address them a few words. Just a little chit chat when the both of you are not too busy 😉 you’ll feel good afterward. Personally, I talked to a couple persons that I always thought were really cool and I guess we ended up being like almost friends… But we did add each other on Facebook!




4. Activities with Friends

Not to be pessimist or anything, but high school is one of the last time you’ll get to hang out with your friends. Might as well make the most out of it and organize a few activities ;p it doesn’t necessarily need to be something very fancy or over the top. Simple things such as having lunch together and going shopping for prom or graduation will do. Heck, I even dragged my friends to a haircut appointment once xD ! You see, literally, ANYTHING will do, as long as you’re having fun with them nothing else really matters. Don’t be like me and stay in all year long 😉 try to get out at least once or twice, otherwise, you’ll regret it later on. Once you’re in college, it’s a whole different game playing out. So the lesson here is getting out the house and spending quality time with your friends.




That’s all for part.1 🙂 I still have a few others things I’d like to share with Y’all so stay tuned for part.2! Also, I might publish a couple other prom-related articles in the upcoming weeks so make sure to check daily if any of them are posted. Finally, thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have/had/will have an awesome senior year! Btw sorry for the totally not centered paragraph 1, I have no idea how it happened nor how to fix it…



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