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Things to do Before the End of High School Pt.1

High School is supposed to be the place where we have the best moments of our lives. Unfortunately, afterward comes College and the adult world, not that it's a bad thing, it's just not the same anymore. If you're in your senior year than really make the most out of your remaining High School days!… Continue reading Things to do Before the End of High School Pt.1

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Produce 101 Season 2: My OT11?

Produce 101 is (literally) one of Korea's largest ''Idol Making'' TV program. The first season which featured an all female cast first aired in January 2016. The second one featuring an all-male cast is currently airing on Mnet (the first episode was released in April 2017). The concept of the reality survival show is pretty simple, 101… Continue reading Produce 101 Season 2: My OT11?

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New York City

Hi dear readers, 🙂 It's me, your best friend! Today I'm very excited to talk about the chosen topic which is: New York City. In approximately 1 week, I'll be going to this wonderful city for the first time in my life (cause I'm such an avid traveler) and I'm quite looking forward to it.… Continue reading New York City